At Keyrenter Austin, we want you to know that there are no-hassle flooring options available that can prevent future damage to your rentals. Accidents happen. Despite the best efforts of tenants and the security of deposits, damages are costly, and they’re a hassle to do. This means that exploring new methods to save money and dilemmas down the road are well worth it. Consider the options below.

Polished Concrete

If you have the option of exploring polished concrete, it will be well-worth your time to use this type of flooring. Polished concrete is achieved with a special machine that uses diamonds to polish the concrete to a high shine. The concrete can be stained so that it mimics tile, resembles marble or takes on an entirely different look of a solid color floor.

Polished concrete is durable, and it lasts for years. It helps to keep apartments cool, clean, and it prevents mold growth because mold cannot permeate its surface. It is water and stain resistant, which makes it a breeze to clean up, and it means there will be less damage done to it when a tenant moves out. This also means that the apartment can be rented out more quickly because less time is needed in preparing the rental.

Epoxy Floor Paint

Epoxy floor paint is an unconventional method of indoor flooring, but it’s recently gained in popularity. This type of floor paint has been exclusively used for garages and driveways because of its practical application. However, many homeowners and others see the benefits of using it inside. To the landlord, this means huge savings.

Epoxy floor paint creates polymer bonds as it cures. These polymer bonds create a floor that is resilient. It’s flexible, and it’s durable. The paint is also very thick and bonds well with sub-flooring. These factors create a surface that will not become damaged in water, it cannot be stained, and it remains virtually undamaged. It has been used extensively in the garage and the driveway because it does not damage easily. Cars, toolboxes and other heavy items can roll across it, and it is not damaged. When this type of floor paint is used on concrete, it prevents dusting. When it is used on wood and other surfaces, it creates an impervious floor that’s easy to clean. This type of floor is also mold resistant.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring provides a greener option for the eco-friendly landlord. Bamboo is a resource that renews itself quicker than trees, which is what traditional flooring is made from. Bamboo is actually a type of grass, which is tightly woven together to create a surface that is more durable than traditional types of flooring. It’s more water-resistant and stain-resistant than wood. It is also less likely to warp because it is water-resistant. It can be stained multiple colors, and it can be refinished if needed.

Traditional carpet and other flooring options sometimes don’t add up because of the damage that can be done to them. Considering these alternative methods are easy to do, easy to care for and are cost-efficient, it’s easy to see why they are gaining momentum. It is wise to consider Property Management Companies Austin to help with the rental process. As a leader in Austin Property Management, we will help assist you every step of the way.