Pests can spell disaster for landlords, as handling pest infestations can be costly and damaging to your property. Prevention is the best approach to take when it comes to preventing pests from invading your rental properties. In Austin, routine pest control is the responsibility of the tenant, though the landlord may be responsible for pest control practices that require changes to the structure of the building. Here are some of the best practices to take to prevent pests from invading your rental properties.

Regularly Inspect Property

Regularly inspecting your rental property can help you to catch potential issues in the early stages. Many pest infestations occur when there are structural issues on the property, such as cracks in the foundation, floors, or walls of the building. If these cracks are ever present, it will be important to repair them quickly. Make sure that the garbage bin of the property is effective at sealing away the trash to prevent them from attracting pests. You will also need to make sure that the sump pump of the property is working to ensure that it removes excess water from the property.

Educate Tenants

Poor hygiene habits can also result in pest infestations. You need to ensure that tenants understand what aspects of pest prevention will be their responsibility. Routine pest control practices are generally the responsibility of the tenant. Cleanliness is vital to prevent pests from invading your rental property. Ensure that your tenants know to throw away all of their trash, clean regularly, put away food securely, and prevent standing water on the property. If the pest infestation occurs due to poor hygiene habits of your tenants, it is likely that the tenant will be responsible for handling the pest infestation. They will also be responsible for notifying you if they notice structural problems that need to be resolved.  Prevention is by far the best method to take when it comes to pests and your rental property. Following the appropriate steps can prevent immense amounts of damage from occurring. To learn more about how to effectively prevent pests from invading your rental properties, contact our experts at the Keyrenter in Austin today!