Upon renting a home or apartment, the landlord or property manager will often require a security deposit. Security deposits ensure that, when tenants leave, the home or apartment is in the condition in which they found it.

If the tenants meet certain standards, the landlord will return the deposit. Otherwise, the landlord will use the funds to pay for repairs and cleaning to meet those standards. Although Austin rental properties establish different criteria, by following a few simple tips you can make sure you’re on track to get your deposit back.

Know What’s Expected

Start the conversation early on, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Communicate your concerns regarding maintenance right away. By working with your landlord or property manager, you’ll be more likely to return a satisfactory unit.

Most landlords or property managers will gladly walk through your home with you and point out areas of concern. When you know what your landlord is looking for, you can better train your eye to catch potential trouble spots.

Keep the Carpet Clean

Stained or damaged carpeting is one of the most common reasons landlords cite when a security deposit is withheld. Make sure you are keeping up with routine cleaning. Carpets especially benefit from regular vacuuming and spot treatments.

Consider purchasing a rug to protect high traffic areas. This small investment is sure to pay off when it comes time to move out. By protecting the carpet from uneven damage and wear, you cut down on the likelihood that it will need replacing.

Fill Holes Left in the Wall

Once again, this small investment will save you both money and hassle. In this case, a small tub of spackle and some touch-up paint may be all you need to return the walls to their previous condition.

Look for holes left by nails and scratches made by furniture. Both of these can be quickly and easily fixed before moving out. Ask your property manager for the paint brand and code to make sure you properly match the color of the wall.

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