Now that the renter population has increased in Austin and more and more people are investing in rental properties, the unfortunate reality is that many property managers will inevitably have to deal with tenants that don’t get along. The most common complaint? Other tenants are too noisy.

As the property manager, we know you don’t want to lose either of your tenants but you want to provide both parties with a solution everyone can agree upon. That’s why we’re offering up valuable tips!

6 Ways to Deal with Noisy Tenant Complaints

Based on our experiences with arguments between tenants, you, as the property manager, have a few options. Though every situation is unique and requires a delicate hand, it’s good to put everything on the table for consideration.

When tenants don’t agree or get into spats about noise, you can:

  • Invite both tenants for a meeting to discuss options with you as a mediator
  • Determine if the noisy tenant is bothering tenants other than the one complaining to see how severe the problem is
  • Ask the tenant who has complained about the noise to log exactly when the problem occurs
  • Move one tenant to another unit in another building and offer a discount on next month’s rent
  • Put in more padding underneath the carpet to muffle more of the noise
  • Establish a “quiet hours” policy for the entire complex

Unfortunately, people sometimes have a hard time being considerate of others, and as the property manager, it will fall to you to solve the issues. If the people are being reasonable, however, the above-mentioned strategies will often be enough to solve the issue for good.

Are You Tired of Noisy Tenant Complaints?

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