Owning a home is a dream come true for many people looking to settle down or start their families. The need to cut on costs then arises, as buying or renting a home isn’t cheap, and neither is maintaining one. Property managers in Austin have the following tips to offer to help home owners and renters make sound decisions on how to save on electric bill.

1. Unplug appliances when not in use

All electric appliances you plug use up electricity even after switching off at the socket. This is continued use of electricity, otherwise called phantom power or standby power, and it applies to phones, chargers, computers and all other electrical devices, big or small, that are used in a home. It is highly advisable that once you are done using an appliance, you not only switch it off but also unplug it until the next time it is required.

You can also employ the use of a power strip to help you with switching the appliances that you use daily on and off easily.

2. Install a digital thermostat

One of the most important, yet arguably the most ignored features of a modern house is a digital thermostat. If you are looking for ways and tips on how to save on your electricity bill, installing a digital thermostat should be top on your list.

A digital thermostat helps you to regulate the temperatures in your house, raising or lowering the heat as needed, automatically. A thermostat uses a device commonly known as a resistor. This resistor allows electricity resistance to change with the temperatures around the home.

A digital thermostat allows you the luxury of programming it in advance, to change the temperatures in your house to suit your convenience. For example, you can program it to lower temperatures around the house when there is no one in the house and so no heating is required. You can then program it to turn up the heat when you return and heating is required.

Most rental properties that don’t have this feature already installed will require you to request the landlord to install or seek their approvals for the same if you are to install it on your own. Installing a digital thermostat is not difficult, especially because this can be easily done through your local electric company. You can also consult with a local electrician to help you with the installation.

Most digital thermostat settings are 68 degrees during winter, and 78 degrees during summer when you are at home. You can always set your thermostat 5 degrees to ten degrees higher during summer if you intend to be away from the house for only a few hours. A setting of 10 degrees to 15 degrees cooler is advisable during winter. This ensures that your conditioning unit does not cool or expend heat to your home while you are away. In the long run, it is a convenient and smart choice when making decisions on how to save on electric bill in your home.

3. Lighting

Taking advantage of natural light is not only healthy for you and your family, it is also an option that any honest and reputable property management company in Austin will recommend when advising you on how to save on electric bill every month. Lighting goes a long way in making a home comfortable and as such, it is one of the highest consumers of electricity in a home.

Ensure that the windows around your home are able to let in as much natural light as possible. If you are able to leave them completely open during the day, the better it is for you especially during summer when the rays of the sun not only bring in light but also go a long way in warming it sufficiently and naturally. You can also consider using blinds that allow natural light into your home even in extreme weather seasons like winter.

4. Wise use of appliances

Heavy appliances like washing machines, cloth dryers and dishwashers tend to consume a lot of electricity. This can make your bill sky rocket to tremendous amounts especially if these appliances are in use on a daily basis. It is important to consider regulating these appliances when looking for ways on how to save on electric bills.

Most manufacturers agree that heavy household appliances use up close to 90% of their overall energy requirements on heating up. This is especially so for laundry machines. It is important to consider consolidating your washing to one day in a week for example. You can also always use a cold wash as it is more efficient and helps to drastically lower your electricity bill. You could also choose to use a cold was on your dishwasher as opposed to using hot water, and hand washes any utensils that might require hot water to clean.

If you must clean using hot water with your appliances, it is then important that you load them properly so as to ensure no heat is lost during washing and energy is used up efficiently. Another important appliance to regulate in your house is the water heater. Simply lower it to 120 degrees and insulate it with a hot water jacket to ensure efficient use of energy at all times.

5. Repair or replace

The most important thing to consider when looking for how to save on electric bill is the condition of your appliances. It goes without saying that a malfunction in your appliance will most definitely raise its energy consumption, thereby raising your bill at the end of the month. Make sure your appliances are in perfect working condition always. Get an electrician to repair them where necessary or buy a new one to ensure efficiency at all times.

All said and done, it is practically easy to maintain a considerable bill at the end of the month if the above-mentioned tips on how to save on electric bill are followed to the latter.