Let Us Manage Your Leander Rental Property


Do you own a rental property in Leander, TX? Are you looking for a trusted rental property manager to manage your investment? If so, look no further! Keyrenter Austin is the perfect partner for you!

Keyrenter Austin has years of experience managing rental properties. We are the industry leader in the Austin area when it comes to providing high-quality property management services. Rental property owners love working with us because we know how to make their jobs easier, while bringing the best out of their investments.

At Keyrenter Austin, we prioritize your profitability. We have established the right property management solutions to help you achieve your financial goals while minimizing the burden and stress that comes with operating a rental business.

We ensure that our experts are fully equipped with the right knowledge and skills. In addition, we invest in the best technology that can help improve our processes. We aim to stay abreast of the changes in the industry even before they happen. With our up-to-date skills and advanced equipment, you can rest assured that your investment is in good hands.

Our Property Management Services

The property management solutions that we provide are carefully curated based on your specific needs. What’s best about working with Keyrenter Austin is that you can trust our expertise in the local real estate market. We know how to target the right tenants for your rental property and we know how to find the highest-quality tenants.

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Here are some of the services you can enjoy when you work with us:

1. Property Marketing

Every landlord’s success starts with an effective marketing strategy. At Keyrenter Austin, we have refined our marketing methods to ensure efficiency and success. As soon as a property gets vacant, we begin our work by preparing the rental unit for staging.

We use professionally taken photos to bring attention to your property’s best features. Then we list your property on various listing sites, using targeted advertising strategies.

We know that a vacant property can be a source of unnecessary expenses, which will ultimately drain your profits when the vacancy is not filled immediately.

Our effective marketing techniques ensure that your property will get occupied in no time.

2. Tenant Screening

Tenants are the main source of income for a rental business. However, not all tenants can do good for your investment. In fact, some tenants are a major cause of stress and headaches.

Our goal at Keyrenter Austin is to ensure that we avoid potentially problematic tenants early on. We don’t want to risk accepting bad tenants, so we established an extensive tenant screening process that every renter must pass before they can even be allowed to view the rental property.

We perform several verification checks that can help us choose the best tenants for your rental property. We check the applicants’ financial sources, employment history, credit record, criminal background, and past tenancies to ensure that they are worthy to stay at your property.

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We only choose tenants who will abide by the terms of the lease, pay their rent on time, and perform their duties to take care of the property.

3. Rent Collection

Collecting rent payments is one of the most dreadful tasks for many landlords, especially when done manually. Manual rent collection can be tedious, time-consuming, and generally exhausting. If you have to remind tenants every month that their rent is due, and visit them personally to collect the payments, it can easily get overwhelming.

The good news is that Keyrenter Austin offers a streamlined rent collection process that allows tenants to pay their rent through an online portal. This eliminates the need to personally meet up with the tenants to collect the money. Through this, you can ensure that you’ll receive your rent on time, every time.

4. Property Repairs and Maintenance

As a rental property owner, you have the responsibility to provide a habitable dwelling place for your renters. That means that you should inspect your property from time to time and provide the necessary repairs to maintain your rental unit.

You have to ensure that repairs are done on a timely basis to stay in compliance with the local health and safety codes.

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Sometimes, it also means having to entertain repair requests beyond business hours. But when you work with Keyrenter Austin, we will handle everything on your behalf—from property inspections to dealing with tenants’ requests, to sending trained technicians and contractors to perform the actual repairs.

When you partner with us, you can trust that your property will remain in its best condition.

5. Detailed Financial Reporting

Landlords need to handle a lot of paperwork to stay on top of their finances. However, with the many financial documents that you have to organize, it can easily get overwhelming.

Fortunately, when you work with us, you will have access to an online portal where you can view your business documents anytime. This allows you to make important decisions based on how your investment is performing.

About Leander, TX

Leander is home to more than 67,000 residents. With plenty of housing opportunities and a growing population in the city, Leander is one of the best places to invest in rentals.

It’s one of the safest cities in Texas and across the United States, making it an ideal place for raising a family. With plenty of excellent schools in the city, it is also ideal for residents with school-aged children. What’s more, Leander is also home to various attractions, like the Divine Lake Park and Crystal Falls Golf Club.

Areas We Serve

Keyrenter Austin is proud to offer our property management services in the following areas: Austin, Buda, Cedar Park, Denison, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Kyle, Hutto, Leander, Manor, Oak Hill,  Lakeway Westlake, Tarrytown, San Marcos, North Loop, and Allendale. Contact us today to get your free rental price analysis on your investment property and find out what sets us apart from other property management companies!