Renting can be expensive, and saving money in any way possible is often advised by most. Energy bills alone can make up the majority of your monthly expenses, and this can often put a lot of stress on the family. Unlike monthly rent, utilities tend to vary in nature and price. One month could be quite cheap, while the next could be more expensive. Living in a rental unit of any kind requires a bit of budgeting to remain ahead.There are a few appliances available on the market for renters to purchase that should save them quite a bit of money per month. These items can be had for relatively low cost, but for more expensive options, consider it an investment in the long-run.

Coffee Pot

A coffee pot seems like something most would already own, but many renters don’t realize how much money they can save. The average cup of joe from down the road will set you back about $4 per cup, which adds up quickly if you drink the strong substance every single day.

A coffee maker can be purchased for anywhere between $50 and $80 for a pretty decent model that will last for a long time. A single pound of coffee will generally run you around $10. That seems like a quite upfront cost, but the savings will be clear in the long-run for most who drink daily.

Conventional Oven

If at all possible, avoid using any type of oven within your rental home or apartment. The energy cost will begin to affect you after long. An oven generally runs through a lot of energy very quickly.

If you need to use the oven, invest in a conventional oven, which requires far less energy than other options. You can cook a variety of meals on said oven but on a smaller scale.

Those who like to cook a full-size pizza or bake an entire chicken will want to keep their oven, more often than not. Those who live alone and can live off smaller meals, though, you should absolutely opt for a conventional oven for their cooking needs.


Every single home in the entire country – whether rental or not – features overhead lights to illuminate every room in the house or apartment. Believe it or not, these overhead lights actually cost quite a bit of money to keep running throughout the day or night.

A great, cost-efficient alternative would be to purchase a few floor lamps and install compact fluorescent light bulbs for double the savings power. Your energy bill will be far more efficient.

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Property Management Companies in Austin, like Keyrenter Austin, are dedicated to detailing the most cost-efficient options for every renter and their apartment or rental home. We hope these 3 Money-Saving Appliances are a great suggestion for you. Saving a bit of money is great in the long-run!