Let Us Manage Your Pflugerville Rental Property


Are you looking to hire a property manager in Pflugerville, TX? If yes, then consider Keyrenter Austin It’s exciting to be a self-managing landlord, but being at the frontline of running your rental operation while also handling tenants can be overwhelming, especially as your investment portfolio grows.

A great way to deal with this stress is by turning over the management of your Pflugerville rental to a reliable third-party, such as Keyrenter Austin. Being in the industry for many years has led to local expertise and knowledge of the best professional property management practices. With Keyrenter Austin, your property is rented out to trustworthy tenants and your property is placed in its best shape.

Our property managers work hard to limit your property management stress and provide consistent maximum earnings from your rental investment. With our solid systems and meticulous procedures, you can rest assured that your rental is operating with efficiency. Not only that, but our outstanding customer service works to encourage renters to stay for the long haul. Keyrenter Austin welcomes managing single-family homes, multi-family homes, duplexes, and condo units.


We know that any property demands a different level of Pflugerville property management care and we understand the requirements of each. Thats why we offer property management services tailored to your unique property, resulting in excellent property management.

We’re always available to routinely conduct property inspections, resolve tenant complaints, schedule repairs for property issues, and oversee renovations as needed. Under our care, property owners benefit from guarantees, such as pet, eviction, service, and tenant guarantees.


Keyrenter Austin offers excellent communication skills which are vital in property management since we’re constantly dealing with both tenants and vendors. Our property management team pledge professionalism, transparency, and dedication as your property management representative.

Our Property Management Services 

Helping you reach your investment goals, Keyrenter Austin steps up to provide the best quality property management services in marketing, screening, property management, lease preparation, and more! Below are some of the services you’ll enjoy as our client:

Marketing Your Rental Property

With vacant units in your Pflugerville property, you’d hardly enjoy passive income. Instead, you’ll be forced to shell out money for marketing and maintenance expenses. What’s more, you’ll also need to strengthen your security measures to avoid trespassers inside your empty units. Working with Keyrenter Austin gives you access to reliable advertising methods, where professional rental property images are issued for a more interesting advertisement.

We know what amenities to highlight to attract the best target renters. We prioritize filling up a vacancy to solidify your income. Our Pflugerville property managers actively research the local real estate market to create stellar ad copies that pique the interest of top-quality renters. We also get your unit rent-ready and stage it to enhance its appearance during rental property showings. 

Tenant Screening Process

Wanting to fill vacancies quickly doesn’t mean accepting any applicant inside your Pflugerville rental investment. Keyrenter Austin runs a lengthy and effective screening of potential tenants procedure to limit risks and headaches later down the road.


We focus on finding renters who comply with the policies, respect other tenants and neighbors, report property issues right away, and take care of your rental investment.  Extensive assessment is performed and we carefully evaluate a potential tenant based on their credit, employment, criminal, and rental histories.

We also reach out to prior landlords to check if the prospective tenant matches what we’re looking for. We ensure that while our screening process is extensive, we still comply with Fair Housing laws.

Lease Preparation

Property owners that haven’t been immersed in the property management industry can face several challenges. This includes creating a solid lease. A lease is a vital document that can protect you in case of lawsuits. Written leases are advisable to clarify the leasing terms and conditions.

Our team of property managers at Keyrenter Austin focuses on clear and specific language in the lease to preserve a great landlord-tenant relationship and limit confusion. We make sure that it outlines each party’s rights and duties, including important policies.  Your property manager would ensure that your Pflugerville rental investment leasing contract is in accordance with the current state laws.

Property Repairs & Maintenance

Nothing makes a tenant want to leave your rental investment more than an unresponsive landlord who isn’t proactive about investment property concerns.  When you partner with a professional team of Pflugerville property managers, tenant complaints are minimal since we do our best to address maintenance requests and issues right away. Keyrenter Austin is prompt in delivering excellent property maintenance. 


We have a reliable group of contractors we turn to for Pflugerville property emergencies and typical rental problems. We also set up an efficient system where tenants can easily report and check the status of their concerns online. 


About Pflugerville, Texas

Pflugerville is a city in Travis County, a suburb of Austin, Texas. It got its name, Pfluger, meaning “plowman,” from original German settlers who were farmers. Pflugerville is known for Lake Pflugerville, which was constructed back in 2005 as a water reservoir and recreation venue.

Residents enjoy staying in Pflugerville for its excellent schools, vast recreational opportunities, and amazing outdoor amenities. It has 28 parks that consist of acres upon acres of green spaces filled with pavilions, playgrounds, trails, and pools.

It also celebrates annual festivals, such as the German festival, Deutschen Pfest. For families with school-aged kids, over 60 schools are available to select from and 51 preschools, making quality education very accessible. In terms of recreation, outdoor activities ranging from fishing to boating can be experienced. A vibrant nightlife also awaits those who enjoy the bar scene.  Here are interesting places to see in Pflugerville, Texas:

  1. Austin’s
  2. Pfluger Park
  3. Typhoon Texas Waterpark Austin
  4. North East Metropolitan Park
  5. Lake Pflugerville Park
  6. Heritage House Museum
  7. Falcon Pointe Splash Park
  8. Cinemark 20 and XD
  9. Blackhawk Golf Club
  10. Old Town Pflugerville

(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

Keyrenter Austin is an expert manager of single-family homes, apartment complexes, and business real estate. Although we have our headquarters in Austin, we now also serve the surrounding regions of Del Valle, Buda, Cedar Park, Denison, Round Rock, Kyle, Pflugerville, Hutto, Leander, Oak Hill, Tarrytown, San MarcosWestlake, and Manor.