One of the duties of a landlord is keeping their rental properties safe for tenants. If you aim to retain your renters for a long time, then you must strive to deliver a secure place to live.

Stay on top of meeting safety standards by performing regular property inspections and scheduling property walkthroughs to spot potential property issues. It’s best to resolve issues early or practice a preventive method to avoid costly repairs. 

One main benefit of providing safety and security to your rental home is making it easy to promote the unit. You can improve safety in your rental home by focusing on enhancing safety in these areas: 

Pest Infestation

One of the most common tenant complaints are pest infections. Not only does it make your rental property uncomfortable to live in, but it can also ruin your property’s appearance.

A good way to stop this quickly is by engaging the services of exterminators to keep your rental unit free from rodents, termites, and bugs. Scheduling pest extermination regularly prevents recurrence and results in happy tenants.

Paint Safety

Disclosing lead in paint materials is included in the landlord-tenant laws. Particularly, residential properties built before 1978 have high lead exposure, which can be a cause for concern for health purposes. It’s advisable to seek the help of professionals when this is an issue.


Keeping your rental safe should be a priority. You need to provide safe haven from lead paint, especially for families with kids who can be subject to lead poisoning when they come into contact with the toxic paint in your unit.

Maintain Appliances

You want to keep tenant complaints to a minimum and to do this, your appliances must meet the safety standards. Otherwise, a broken electrical appliance can cause fire or injury to a renter.

List down each appliance in your rental property and when it was purchased. Take time to inspect the condition of your appliances since they can also be affected by normal wear and tear.

See if the damage can be fixed immediately or whether you need to buy a replacement for it. We recommend investing in high quality appliances when buying appliances to ensure longevity.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

As a preventive measure against fire, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors can save the lives of the residents. So landlords must make sure that the detectors are functional and have working batteries. After all, you want these to be effective when potential danger occurs. Test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors from time to time.

Look for Signs of Damage

A lot of accidents can be caused by uneven flooring or low-quality flooring material.  If any flooring issues show up, contact a foundation expert to repair them.


Be attentive to cracks on walls, bubbling paint, and even peeling wallpaper since they can indicate foundational problems. Make sure that your ceilings have no water leaks and if you notice them, coordinate repairs immediately. 

Water damage can be costly and affect more than the ceiling. The damage can cascade down to walls, floors, and appliances around the rental unit.

Secure Doors and Windows

Since both doors and windows offer entry access, landlords must select the right materials for them. The locks must be solid to discourage intruders from easily breaking them down.

Aside from making sure that the material for doors and windows are durable, landlords must also invest in security systems to discourage trespassers from entering the unit.

Electrical Issues

To reduce problems resulting from electric malfunction, it’s vital to follow the current standards of electric safety. Have your rental inspected by certified professionals who can guarantee your unit meets the current electrical safety standards.

Ground Floor Interrupter (GFI) outlets are a great tool to keep your property safe from sudden power surges and contribute to reduced injuries and fires associated with electrical malfunction.


Apart from the water damage that broken pipes can lead to, it can also be a complicated and expensive issue. It’s best to contact a plumber to fix any leaks and clogged pipes right away. You want to always provide a comfortable rental home to your tenants so it’s easy for them to renew the lease agreement.


You must make it a part of your maintenance tasks to regularly clean the gutters to avoid causing issues in the future. After the autumn season and stormy days, make it a point to inspect the gutters and drainage around your rental property.

Heating Safety

Since heaters can cause fires, they must be routinely inspected. Consider broken heaters a first priority. Make sure to keep away combustible materials from them and strive to follow the safety standards. 

Bottom line

If your rental home does not provide safety to the tenants, they are bound to leave. Since vacant rentals won’t bring in financial returns from your rental property, you should constantly work on meeting the rental safety standards.

Not all landlords have the spare time to attend to the numerous tasks of property maintenance, that’s why we recommend getting in touch with a trusted property management company like Keyrenter Austin.

Partnering with an excellent property manager can make things easier since we provide detailed property maintenance services and routine property inspections. 

On top of that, we also help in marketing your vacant unit, screening tenants, rent collection, financial reporting, legally sound leasing agreements, and arranging for repairs during property emergencies. 

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