Let Us Manage Your San Marcos Rental Property


Are you a San Marcos, TX, property owner searching for a reliable and efficient property management service? Look no further! Keyrenter Austin is here to fulfill all your rental property management needs in the San Marcos area.

With years of experience in the industry, Keyrenter Austin has established itself as a trusted and reputable property management company. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service to property owners in San Marcos and the surrounding areas. 

Whether you own a single-family home, multi-family units, or commercial properties, we have the expertise and knowledge to manage and maximize the potential of your investment effectively.

Located in the heart of San Marcos, our office is conveniently situated to serve property owners throughout the area. Our local presence allows us to deeply understand the local market dynamics, rental rates, and tenant preferences. 

We leverage this knowledge to attract high-quality tenants and ensure optimal occupancy rates for our client’s properties.

At Keyrenter Austin, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized solutions tailored to each property owner’s unique requirements. Our comprehensive range of services includes property marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance coordination, and financial reporting. 

We strive to alleviate the stress and hassle of property management, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of owning rental properties without day-to-day responsibilities.

Our Property Management Services

At Keyrenter Austin, we offer a comprehensive range of property management services in San Marcos, TX, designed to make your life as a property owner easier and more profitable. 


A few of those services include:

Tenant Screening

One of the most critical aspects of property management is finding reliable and responsible tenants. We understand the importance of placing qualified tenants who will respect your property and pay rent on time. 

Our thorough tenant screening process includes background checks, credit evaluations, rental history verification, and income verification. By carefully selecting tenants, we aim to minimize the risk of eviction, property damage, and non-payment of rent.

Property Marketing

Vacancies can be costly for property owners, so we prioritize effective property marketing. Our team utilizes a variety of channels, including online listings, social media platforms, and local advertising, to attract prospective tenants. 

We create compelling property descriptions, professional photos, and virtual tours to showcase your rental property’s unique features and attract quality applicants.

Leasing Agreements

A solid leasing agreement protects your interests as a property owner. Our team of experts will create a legally binding and comprehensive lease agreement that covers essential aspects such as rent amount, lease duration, security deposit, pet policies, maintenance responsibilities, and more. 

Move-In Inspections

We conduct thorough move-in inspections to protect your property and establish a baseline for future comparisons. This involves documenting the property’s condition through detailed reports and photographs. 

Any existing damages or issues are noted, ensuring tenants are held responsible for any new damages during their tenancy. This process helps to prevent disputes and simplifies the move-out inspection and security deposit refund process.


Regular Property Inspections

We perform regular inspections to ensure that your rental property is well-maintained and address any potential issues promptly. Our team conducts scheduled inspections to assess the property’s condition, identify maintenance needs, and ensure that tenants comply with lease terms. 

By proactively addressing maintenance or compliance concerns, we help maintain your investment’s value and provide tenants with a safe and comfortable living environment.

Rent Collection with Online Payments

Collecting rent on time is crucial for maintaining consistent cash flow. To streamline the rent collection process, we offer convenient online payment options for tenants. 

We handle all aspects of rent collection, including late payment reminders and taking appropriate actions in case of non-payment. We aim to maximize your rental income while minimizing the stress associated with rent collection.

Maintenance and Repairs

Property maintenance is essential for keeping tenants satisfied and preserving the value of your investment. At Keyrenter Austin, we have a network of trusted contractors and service providers who can promptly address maintenance and repair issues. 

We handle tenant maintenance requests, coordinate repairs, and ensure all work is completed to a high standard. Regular maintenance also helps identify potential issues early on, preventing costly repairs.

In addition to these key services, we provide detailed financial reporting, including monthly statements and year-end tax documents, to inform you about your property’s performance. Our transparent and efficient accounting system provides a clear overview of income, expenses, and any outstanding payments.


About San Marcos, TX

In the heart of central Texas, San Marcos offers a unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and a thriving community. Located in Hays County, just a short drive from Austin and San Antonio, San Marcos has become a sought-after destination for residents and property investors.

One of the main draws of San Marcos is its stunning natural surroundings. The city is home to the crystal-clear waters of the San Marcos River, providing residents with ample opportunities for water activities such as tubing, kayaking, and paddle-boarding. 

The nearby Texas Hill Country also offers breathtaking landscapes, scenic hiking trails, and picturesque wineries, making it an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts. San Marcos is also known for its rich cultural heritage. The city boasts a vibrant arts scene, with numerous galleries, theatres, and live music venues. 

The historic downtown area is filled with charming shops, local restaurants, and a bustling farmer’s market, offering residents a unique and diverse shopping and dining experience.

As home to Texas State University, San Marcos has a dynamic and youthful atmosphere. The university brings a vibrant energy to the city and contributes to a thriving academic and research community.

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Areas We Serve

In addition to San Marcos, Keyrenter Austin is proud to offer our property management services to the areas of Austin, Buda, Allandale, Cedar Park, Del Valle, Lakeway, Oak Hill, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Kyle, Hutto, North Loop, Leander, Manor, Tarrytown, and Westlake.