As you shop for your new home, it is likely that you’ll come across a number of very different options. In this increasingly competitive market, the cost to rent a home is often comparable with that required to rent an apartment.

With cost being less of a factor, you have more freedom to base your decision on functional use and personal preference. As you make your choice, rely on your past experiences and make a note of the things you enjoyed or disliked about previous rentals.

Renting a Single-family Home

Renting a single-family home can be a joy. You don’t have to share walls with neighbors, and in most cases, you get to experience the freedom of having a yard. Additionally, with a driveway of your own, parking nightmares are over.

Keep in mind that houses with yards may require the services of a landscaper or gardener. Make sure you ask about any additional fees you should expect. Depending on the season, there may also be certain responsibilities that your landlord places upon you. Who will be responsible for winterizing the home? Discuss these details with your potential landlord before committing to a lease.

Renting an Apartment

Apartments often come with a number of amenities not available in single-family homes. Many apartment complexes offer access to swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness centers. In addition, living close to your neighbors makes meeting new people less of a chore.

While the extra freedom around the complex is exciting, apartments often carry more strict rules for what you can do inside. Make sure you know what changes you can and cannot make within the unit before signing.

Whether you choose to live in an apartment community or you opt for a single-family home, make sure you love where you end up. Everyone has their own preferences, and individual lifestyles greatly influence one’s needs in and around the home.

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