Smart home technology continues to flood the market with promises of making life more hassle free. If you’re ready to dismiss it as an unnecessary expense, you may want to reconsider. Smart devices can make your property more attractive to renters, increase cash flow, and reduce costs. We believe these devices can enhance your Austin Property Management experience.

Smart Locks

These gadgets won’t break the bank and allow keyless entry. Many options are on the market with features to suit a Keyrenter Austin landlord’s needs. Some models combine a traditional lock and keypad to punch in an access code. Others work in tandem with smartphones to lock and unlock doors remotely. Here’s what you can achieve with smart locks:

• Eliminate the expense of changing locks when tenants vacate your property.
• Provide temporary access codes to contractors, maintenance workers, and other authorized parties.
• Attract tech-hungry tenants without alienating non-techies using a traditional lock and keypad combo.
• Reduce security threats derived from putting spare keys under welcome mats or in flower pots.
• Track access codes to monitor who enters the property and when.

Although the benefits mentioned above will depend on the model you select, the added value is clear.

Smart Smoke & CO Detectors

For Property Management Companies Austin, smoke detectors are important for home safety. Thanks to smart technology, the best detectors combine smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detection with impressive features.

Imagine a detector that can eliminate headaches like climbing on ladders to ensure batteries are working. The most sophisticated devices can self-test making maintenance issues a breeze. Self-tests ensure batteries, sensors, and alarms are in working order. Other highlights include voice alarms and mobile alerts when something goes wrong.

Smart Security Systems

With a smart security system, you can save as much as 20 percent on home insurance premiums for your Austin Property. Management for constant monitoring can be obtained without an annual contract with some companies – a benefit if tenants will assume the expense. Other possible features include zero upfront costs and straightforward installation that eliminates damage to walls. Some devices are portable, which allows them to be moved from one property to the next. Others operate independently of the internet to ensure protection if a network connection is lost.

Smart Thermostats

Proof that home automation isn’t just trendy, smart thermostats controls energy consumption to reduce living costs. Austin Property Management tenants and landlords are sure to appreciate saving money on utilities. The most knock-out features include sensing movement to determine which rooms need more heating or cooling and adjusting energy efficiency settings based on how you live.

For a few hundred dollars, a landlord can market a rental as a smart home and command a higher rent. And since smart technology is probably here to stay, landlords can explore just how it can be leveraged to add value for tenants while enhancing investment portfolios. Keyrenter Austin is ready to help you further this quest.