Many times as a landlord, it can be easy to let your rental sit as is, especially when you have tenants. However, small upgrades to your property can increase its value and the satisfaction of those that live in it. Here are a few small changes you can make to your property that will make a big difference!


There’s no need to add a new walkway or plant a bunch of trees, many times just a few new touches will add a lot of curb appeal to your property. Prune the trees and shrubs around the property, add a small flower bed, and put some potted plants on the porch. This will give a welcoming feel to your property and invite potential tenants to look inside.

Front Door

A unique front door will make your property pop and can add value as well. This is also the first thing tenants interact with, so if it’s sticky or squeaky, this will make a bad first impression for the rest of the property. Adding a good doorbell or a classic mailbox can also add a nice touch.

Cabinet Doors

Replacing the cabinets in the kitchen, or even just giving them a fresh coat of paint, can make the kitchen feel more modern and taken care of.

Replace Carpet with Hardwood

This can be a large investment, but it can also really pay off in the long run. Hardwood floors last much longer than carpets and don’t have to be cleaned nearly as much! Also, many tenants search for wood flooring, which will make your property stand out. If you can’t afford new floors, refinishing old ones can look almost just as good.

Update Appliances

Old appliances can make for a lot of repair costs. Especially if you have a vacant property, it’s a good idea to go through and check appliances for any leaks or defects and fix them before a new tenant comes into the property. Taking care of these will show you care about your tenant’s comfort. You may also think about including a washer and dryer in your property if you don’t already, as this can add a lot of appeal to those looking to rent.