They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this couldn’t be more truthful in rental property marketing. When tenants browse rental listings online, they tend to ignore those without photos. So, investing time and resources in high-quality photography for your property can give you a big advantage in such a competitive rental market.

Filming a video tour of your property can help you attract a bigger pool of potential tenants. After all, a well-executed video tour not only showcases the property’s best features but also provides viewers with a sense of the space, helping them envision themselves living there. 

In this guide, the experts at Keyrenter Austin will go over the benefits of incorporating video tours into your rental listings. We’ll also provide you with our best tips and tricks to film a compelling video tour that will attract more prospective tenants.

The Benefits of Adding a Video Tour to Your Rental Listing

In the past years, the real estate market has seen a significant shift towards online listings. Adding quality photos to your listing can give it a competitive advantage. If you also add a video tour, you’ll not only attract more potential tenants but also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased Engagement: Video tours offer a dynamic and interactive experience for prospective tenants, capturing their attention and encouraging them to further explore the property. Compared to static images or written descriptions, listings with videos receive more leads!


  • Finding Tenants:Video tours provide potential tenants with a better understanding of the layout, flow, and dimensions of the property. Seeing rooms and amenities in motion allows viewers to visualize themselves living in the space, making it easier for them to assess whether the property meets their needs and preferences.
  • Effective Advertising: Video tours make great ads. By uploading your video tour to social media, you can reach a broader audience of prospective tenants, maximizing exposure and increasing the likelihood of filling your vacancies quickly.
  • Time Savings: Video tours streamline the rental process by providing comprehensive information upfront, reducing the need for multiple in-person viewings. This will save you a lot of valuable time.

Tips for Filming a Good Video Tour of a Rental Property

Believe it or not, landlords don’t have to hire a professional to film a good video tour of your rental property. To help you, here are our tried-and-true tips for filming great videos of a rental property:

Invest in Quality Equipment

Having a high-end camera isn’t necessary. You can take great pictures and videos with your phone. Just make sure that it has a quality camera that can take panoramic photos. If you want to bring your photos to the next level, you should consider investing in a tripod stabilizer and lights. 


If you want to invest in better equipment, you should consider getting a camera. These sturdy cameras have an extensive range of lenses you can choose from to capture the best angles of your property. With enough practice, you’ll be able to take professional-looking photos of your rental! 

Plan Your Shots Beforehand

Your video tour should look professional. Simply grabbing a camera and filming as you walk around the house is an amateur move that you should avoid. Instead, you should create a list outlining the key areas and features of the property you want to highlight like recent renovations.

Consider the flow of the tour and how each shot will transition to the next will ensure a smooth viewing experience.

Stage the Space

Before filming, make sure to declutter and stage the property to showcase its full potential. Cleanliness and organization are key to creating an appealing video that resonates with viewers.

Use Proper Lighting

Optimal lighting is essential for capturing clear and vibrant footage. Avoid filming in harsh sunlight or overly dim conditions, which can distort colors and details. Instead, utilize natural light as much as possible. If needed, use artificial lighting to illuminate darker areas. 

Steady Camera Movement

Jerky or shaky footage can detract from the professionalism of the video and diminish the viewer’s experience. 


So, consider investing in a stabilizer or tripod to achieve smooth and steady camera movements throughout the tour. 

Keep it Concise

While it’s important to provide comprehensive coverage of the property, you should keep your video tour as short as possible. Focus on showcasing the most compelling features and amenities without overwhelming viewers with unnecessary details or lengthy explanations. After all, no one will watch a 30-minute video of your property.

Engage the Viewer

At the end of the day, a video tour is just another way to advertise your rental property. Like with any other marketing strategy, you want to ensure that your video is engaging. You can encourage viewer engagement by incorporating interactive elements such as on-screen prompts, calls-to-action, or links to additional information. 

It’s also a good idea to narrate the tour and provide additional context about the neighborhood, nearby amenities, and transportation options.

Utilize Drone Footage

If your property has ample outdoor spaces or scenic surroundings, you should consider incorporating drone footage on your video tour. 

By capturing aerial views of the property, you’ll be able to highlight its exterior features better, enhancing the overall appeal of the video tour.

Edit, Edit, and Edit

Capturing your property on video is only the first step. Editing the footage afterward is a must. This includes trimming any unnecessary footage, adjusting color and audio levels, and adding music or sound effects to enhance the viewing experience. 


If done correctly, this will enhance the visual appeal and help you maintain a professional tone throughout the tour. 

Optimize for Mobile Viewing

Many tenants browse rental listings through their phone. So, you must ensure that your video tour is optimized for mobile viewing. Choose a mobile-friendly video format and consider the aspect ratio to ensure compatibility across different devices and platforms.

Bottom Line

Video tours are a great way to make your rental property stand out from the rest. However, it’s important to remember that filming a good video tour requires careful planning, attention to detail, and commitment. 

By investing in the right equipment, staging the property, using proper lighting, and editing the footage, you can create compelling video tours that will attract more prospective tenants.

Need help advertising your rental property in Austin, TX? Contact Keyrenter Austin! Our team of expert marketers can help you photograph and film your property to create the best rental listing.